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Year R

W/C 15.3.21

W/C 8.3.21

W/C 1.3.21

W/C 22.2.21


Draw or paint a picture of something you are looking forward to. This could be anything! It could be going back to school and seeing your friends, it could be playing outside in the sunshine or it could be having a story read to you that night. Having things to look forward to can help us feel happier and improve our wellbeing.

W/C 8.2.21


Share with your child that our brains are very clever, and that exercise makes our brain release special chemicals which can make us feel happy. If you can, take them for a walk each day or if they have a garden, they could go outside to play for a while.


On your walk what do you notice about changes around you? Can you spot any spring growth such as bulbs starting to shoot? What is the weather like? What can you hear?

W/C 1.2.21

Invite your children to do an activity that they love which perhaps they feel expresses themselves best.

This can be anything!

Dancing, baking, singing, drawing, painting, crafts, sports or exercise, going to the park, gymnastics, playing with pets, gaming, watching TV…


Talk to your child about how doing activities they like makes them feel.


To support children’s wellbeing, we are encouraging children to communicate with their classmates virtually. If you are happy for your child’s picture to be on our class page, please send a photo of your child doing an activity they enjoy to the class email. We will put these photos on our class page and then children will be able to look at the website and see pictures of their friends! The child’s name will not be displayed with their photo.


Also, they might like to send a message to their friends. These will be displayed on the class page under ‘Messages from friends.’ I hope you can take part.