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w/c 16.11.20


This week we will learn how to stay safe now the nights are getting darker. Today we will be reading a dark night safety leaflet.

Use your phonics to sound out and read the leaflet. remember to spot the tricky words!  can you remember some of the facts about how to stay safe? Can you find the following features and think about how they help the reader? 

 - Title

- Pictures that give information

- Labels

- Sentences that give information


Today we are going to be re-reading our dark safety leaflets and trying to remember the key points.

We will also be learning some key words. Can you find out what the following words mean?

Reflective, visible, traffic and travel

Try to think of a sentence about being safe in the dark that uses one of these key words. Practice saying your sentence out loud and checking it makes sense.

The pictures below might help you.


Today we are going to be learning about the conjunctions and, so and because. Conjunctions join sentences or parts of sentences together. Read the sentences below and think about which conjunction would make sense. 


We have been learning about sentences and how they are groups of words together that make sense and are a complete thought. They need a capital letter and a full stop. Full stops don't just go at the end of every line. Read these sentences out loud and see if you can hear where the sentence ends and a new one starts. Can you put the full stops in the correct places and add the capital letters?