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Year 3 – Meerkats

Welcome to Year 3 - Meerkat's Class Page!

Unit 14 Spelling Zone sub prefix

Blue and Green Summer term week 3-4

Spelling zone ed suffex

Pink Group Summer term week 3-4

Homework Expectations:

1. To read with an adult at for 10 minutes 3 times per week. Your child will have a book brought home from school, however, if they read any other books, this can count as well. Please remember to initial the reading record sheet found in their book wallets.

2. Maths times Table practice. Your child will have a Times Table Rock Stars online log in. This will help them to secure the knowledge of the ties table that they are on. Also children are expected to fill in their times table books that they take home. 

3. Spellings. Children are expected to practice their spellings at home.


Spelling and times table tests are every Monday. Spelling and times table books need to be handed in on Mondays to be looked at and marked. They will be handed back on Tuesdays.  

Our current class book is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes



We have previously read:

Georges Marvellous medicine by Roald Dahl

Stig of the Dump, by Clive King.



Spring Term 2023


We are beginning the second part of the Spring Term by writing instructions for next year's Year 3 children on how to make a paper mache volcano.


Before Half Term, the Year 3 class are writing an explanation text on how fossils are created!




We began 2023 writing a description of a volcanic eruption.


Autumn Term 2022

Scooter Showcase!


Year 3 had a great time learning how to do tricks on scooters!

What have we been learning?



Since half term, the Meerkat class have been writing a fact file all about the United Kingdom! We have all learnt a lot of new information about the United Kingdom, including the countries, the capital cities, their geographical locations, the other main cities, mountains and seas.



In the coming weeks, The meerkat class will be writing a persuasive letter to a very well known Hollywood celebrity, persuading them to take a holiday to the United Kingdom. Watch this space to find out who we are writing a letter to.... 



We have been learning how to add and subtract 3-digit numbers with exchanges.


The Meerkat class will explore the geography of the UK. Learn the countries of the UK; name the seas surrounding the UK; identify some mountains and famous landmarks. We will learn about the counties of the UK and specifically look at the county of Hampshire and the Counties surrounding it. The children will learn how to use an OS map and how to read 4 figure grid references.




Design Technology


In design technology this term the Meerkat class are going to make a castle fit for a....... Stig of the Dump? Yes, that's right, we are making a castle for Stig, a main character in the class guided reading book - Stig of the Dump. As Stig lives in a dump, the Meerkat children's castles will be made out of rubbish. Think used cardboard tubes, cardboard boxes, empty crisp packets, yogurt pots, food packaging, that fast food bag, and anything else you can think of that you would usually throw away will be great for our castles (as long as it is clean and washed out). We have been making nets to help make Stig's castle.