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Spring Term:


Please use the spelling books given to follow the process of look, cover, write and check. You can also write sentences using the spellings in your list. Please make sure you look at the right set (written on the inside cover of their spelling book).


Fancy a challenge? Use these cards and strategies to make learning your spellings more fun!

How to access your work on Teams and view feedback from your teacher: 
Autumn Term:

What Is Under - by Tony Mitton (Week beginning 30.11.20)

As a challenge, try and write your own stanza to the poem. Don't forget to use the repeated sentences in the first and second line. 

you should also try to count the syllables of each word to make sure it flows. 


Mousehole Cat Week 2 (Week beginning 09.11.20)

 Mousehole Cat setting description (Week beginning 02.11.20)

Expanded noun phrases (Week beginning 19.10.20)

Explanation text (Week beginning 12/10/20