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Find out about the life cycle of a frog. Have a go at labelling the different stages- remember to break words down into smaller parts when sounding out and writing. Have a go at writing a simple sentence or phrase e.g. it can swim. it has legs. it has no legs. it is an egg. Please help your child to say their sentence lots of times before they begin writing.

*  Encourage your child to have a go at writing and praise them for the sounds they do hear and are able to write in words. If your child really struggles with the longer words have a go at writing the words: egg, dark, wet.


Bees are very important creatures which are reducing in numbers so we need to make sure we are looking after them and being respectful of them.

Research why bees are important. Should we be scared of them? Why do they do an important job? How can we help bees?


Have a go at collaging, colouring or painting your own bee. Use scissors to try and carefully cut your bee out.




Butterflies are beautiful insects that we see often during the spring and summer months. They have 6 legs and wings but they start life as an egg laid by a caterpillar! It really is amazing how a butterfly transforms (metamorphosis) from an egg to a butterfly! Follow this link to find out more. (You will need your Espresso Login to watch the video).


Have a go at printing a symmetrical butterfly. Watch this video for how to make the perfect butterfly!