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Watch Colour Monster

Discuss that we all experience different emotions and that is ok. We don’t have to control how we feel but we do need to control what we do because of the way we are feeling e.g. if angry – don’t shout, throw, push. What could we do when we are feeling angry to calm down or who could we ask for help?

Discuss scenarios  thinking about how the person is feeling? What can they do?

Scenarios: 1. Tidy up time. I hadn’t finished what I was doing. I don’t want to tidy up.

2. I was playing with a toy and then someone came and started using the toy I was playing with.

3. Can you think of anymore scenarios when you felt a not so good emotion.


Tell the story of the Three Little Pigs to your child. Model using different voices for different characters. Encourage your child to join in with repeated refrains. Make it as interactive and engaging as possible, see sensory story for ideas.

Then have a go at labelling the pictures using your sounds.


Today we are thinking about the Three Little Pigs and the order that they collected their materials. Read through the story of the Three Little pigs again and ask your child some of these questions:


What did the 1st pig use to make their house?

What did the 2nd pig use to make their house?

What did the 3rd pig use to make their house?

Who tried to blow down the houses?

Where did the 1st pig run to?

When did the 2nd pig run out of their house?

Why did the 1st and 2nd pigs run to the 3rd pigs house?


We are also going to be looking at the materials that the pigs used to build their house - Straw, sticks and bricks. We will be looking at some of these materials and thinking about their similarities and differences.

You could go for a walk and look at the brick houses, collect some sticks and maybe you might even see some straw if you pass a stables!





Have a go at cutting out and then putting the pictures in order. What happened at the beginning of the story? What did the pigs do? What happened next?

After ordering the pictures, use these to help your child retell the story.

What was their favourite part of the story, why?



Help your child to practise retelling the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. Help them to practise using story language e.g. 'Once upon a time, one sunny / windy/ stormy day, suddenly etc. Encourage them to use different voices for the different characters.

Why not have a go at making stick puppets and your own puppet theatre to help you retell the story.