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The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth

As the clock strikes midnight, Oscar is awoken by loud stomping outside his window. Looking out, he finds a huge, hairy, woolly mammoth called Timothy.

Timothy recruits Oscar to help him find his baby brother before the clock strikes one and the ‘magic hour’ is over. As the pair race through The Curious Museum, hot on baby brother’s tail, they encounter all sorts of creatures, historical figures and interesting artefacts. But can they catch the little mammoth and return him to his mum before T Rex gobbles him up as a tasty snack?


Packed with incredibly detailed, vibrant illustrations and multiple flaps to lift on each double page, this magical, race-against-time adventure can be enjoyed on two levels. Younger children will enjoy the dramatic chase through the different floors of The Curious Museum. Older readers, or those who prefer non-fiction books, will pause to absorb some of the fascinating facts hiding beneath the flaps.

With plenty to look at and talk about, this is a great book for youngsters and grown-ups to share.