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Watch 'A Squash and a Squeeze' read aloud. Encourage your child to join in saying repeated language.



Ask your child to cut out the animals on the resource sheet in your pack.

Next challenge your child to position all of the animals into the bigger or smaller house. The animals are not allowed to touch each other. The animals will need to be moved closer and closer together as your child tries to fit them in the smaller house outline.

Challenge your child with instructions to develop their position and distance vocabulary, such as:

- Can you fit all the animals into the big house, with Cow at the bottom?

- Can you fit all the animals into the small house, with Chicken on top of Goat?

- Can you fit all the animals in the big house, with Goat underneath Cow?

Allow your child to glue down the animals into their chosen house outline, in their favourite position

they have created.