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W/C 17.1.22


Phonics – new learning in bold.

This week we are learning the ‘oa’ sound can be written as:

oa        goat

oe         toe

o-e        bone

o          so


We are learning the ‘o’ sound can be written as:

o         hot

a         wash


We are learning the ‘oo’ sound (like in book) can be written as:  

u        bush      


We are also learning that the ‘u’ can also make the ‘you’ sound like in the words unicorn, uniform and student.


We are learning the ‘k’ sound can be written as:

c       carrot

k       kite

ck     duck

ch     echo


We are also learning the ‘sh’ sound can be written as:

ch      chef     machine


This week we will be practising and then performing our speeches on polar bears. This will be used as commentary in our class documentary on polar bears.  Ask me to tell you about polar bears. 


This term our topic is incredible creatures so once we have finished polar bears we will be moving onto dinosaurs. 

We will be reading dinosaur stories, picking out interesting vocabulary to help inspire us for writing our own dinosaur stories later in the term. 


We are focussing on making sure we sit our handwriting on the lines. 


Please help me learn how to spell the days of the week. Don't forget they need a capital letter.



-We will continue to use our number bonds to 10 to solve our number bonds to 20 e.g. I know 7 + 3 = 10 so 17 + 3 = 20

- Adding by making 10 

- Solving addition word problems

We are working from Textbook 1b, pages 16-31.

Practise book 1b, pages 12-23