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1. Can your child find and point to the word you say.


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* Ideas of how to further support your child with learning the letter of the day:

  • Find things around the house or in pictures that start with the given sound. Have a go at labelling on post-it notes or scraps of paper the sound.  For example - find a sock and practise labelling it with ‘s’.
  • Rainbow writing – Adult to write the letter on a piece of paper. Using a coloured pencil child to trace over the top of the letter saying the sound it makes as they do. Child to then choose another colour and repeat.
  • Looking for the letters in books, leaflets, signs, around the house. Can the child spot the letter of the day? What sound does it make?
  • Matching objects to the initial sound. Write the letter or a few letters the child has learned and find objects or pictures starting with that sound. Can the child match the objects correctly to the letter they start with.