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This week we are learning using the traditional tale Cinderella.

Choose an activity to have a go at this week-

  • Discuss materials usually used to make shoes and why glass slippers are an unusual choice! Provide different types of shoes or materials for the children to explore. 
  • It’s a little bit early in the year to plant pumpkin seeds but why don’t you have a go at growing your own other vegetables such as beetroot, spring onions or parsnip.
  • Create your own papier-mache pumpkin using a balloon.
  • Have a go at the Cinderella cutting skills task



Share the story Cinderella with your child.

Explore retelling the story with your child. What could you use at home to magically turn into a pumpkin? What 6 items could we turn into horses? Have fun acting out the story.

Why don't you build a carriage or palace for Cinderella. What could you use? What will you choose to use, why?



Reread Cinderella.

Use the sequencing pictures to order the main events in the story and have a go at retelling the story.

Please support your child to use story language e.g. once upon a time, one morning, that night, suddenly, happily ever after.


Today we are going to be writing an invitation for a friend, inviting them to the ball! We need to think about the information our friend will need to be given to make sure they go to the ball on the right day at the right time and in the right place! 


Ask your child to think about these questions:


Who is your invitation for?

When is the ball? Is it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

What time is the ball? Is it in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Where is the ball? Is it at the palace or the castle?


Try and encourage your child to use their sounds mats to help them write write words and try to use some tricky words that we know as well!

When you have written your invitations, why don't you write an address for your friend on an envelope and post it! (You could always post to the school's address!)

Thursday & Friday


Have a go at making your own Cinderella story. Can you read your writing? Can you add colourful pictures to make people want to read your book?