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Lunch Menus

School lunches are provided by Southampton City Catering.

School meals are free for KS1, and are £2.30 for KS2.


Please contact the office for information regarding Free School Meals.


Winter 2019/20 Menu

City Catering's school menu can also be viewed via the Lunchero app, which is available to download via Google Play or Apple App Store.

Spooky Halloween Lunch

Spooky Halloween Lunch 1
Spooky Halloween Lunch 2
Spooky Halloween Lunch 3
Spooky Halloween Lunch 4

Lunch time

Lunch time 1
Lunch time 2
Lunch time 3
Lunch time 4
Lunch time 5
Lunch time 6

Our Catering Staff

Our Catering Staff 1

Easter treats

Easter treats 1
Easter treats 2
Easter treats 3
Easter treats 4

Christmas Lunch 2016

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6