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Today's lesson asks the children to think about the best addition strategy to solve a problem - counting all, counting on, adding ones and making 10. Please don't worry if your child is finding this tricky. They will always revert to their most comfortable strategy and this is just the start of getting them to work outside their comfort zones. The children will revisit this frequently as we move forward.


There are a number of options for children to practise that will support these skills if they are struggling with today's lesson.

They could:

Practise recalling number bonds to 10.

Practise partitioning and recombining numbers and 'seeing' the pattern  i.e., 10 +7 = 17   What is 10 + 2? etc

Making 2 digit numbers with objects that represent 10s and 1s (as we have done in a previous lesson)

Or simply practising any of the addition strategies learnt.



Thursday choosing a strategy for addition.m4v

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