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PE - Book week challenges

Aim: To raise your heartrate during exercise.

For this weeks PE, have a go at some of these book week challenges! They are fun games and activities that you can do at home all linked to it being book week! There is a challenge per day but you do not have to do them all. Our PE lessons last between 45min and 1 hour so try to aim to be exercising for around this amount of time (not every day but in total).

Getting your heart beating faster than it’s resting heartrate every day trains your body to move more oxygen and blood to your muscles more efficiently. This helps your muscles use that fuel more economically as well and ultimately you move with more ease – you become fitter and healthier!


Before you start your exercise please measure your resting heartrate either by placing two fingers on your wrist and counting the beats you feel in 1min or you may have a device which can register your heartrate for you.

When you have finished exercising, measure your heartrate again and then compare the results.