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W/C 24.1.22

In science we are going to be learning about animals. What amazing facts do you know? How would you sort animals into groups?

We explored different ways we can count and looked at grouping them into 2s, 5s or 10s.


We are learning the ‘oo’ sound (like in book) can be written as:  

u        bush      


We are also learning that the ‘u’ can also make the ‘you’ sound like in the words unicorn, uniform and student.


We are learning the ‘k’ sound can be written as:

c       carrot

k       kite

ck     duck

ch     echo


We are also learning the ‘sh’ sound can be written as:

ch      chef     machine


We are going to be learning to read and write the tricky word:   



We already know that 'ea' can make different sounds:

ea     (ee)  like in meat

ea      (ai) like in great

We are now learning is can also make

ea      (e) like in head, heather, meadow, breakfast 



We have been looking at the story 'Where's the Dinosaur?' Keith Moseley 

We are writing descriptive sentences to describe the story setting (a mysterious dinosaur island). We are also writing sentences to describe the dinosaurs. We are focussing on making sure we learn new interesting vocabulary and use this in our writing. We are also applying previously learnt vocabulary such as carnivore, prey. 



We are focussing on subtraction within 20. 

We will be recapping the different ways we can subtract and the resources we can use to help us. 

We will be looking at taking away tens and ones, for example if we wanted to work out 18 -16, we know 16 is made from 10 and 6 so we would be able to quickly take away our group of ten and then the 6 ones. 

Power maths textbook 1B - pages 36 - 51

Power maths practice book 1B - pages 26 - 37