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In Literacy we are writing the story to match the video 'Baboon on the Moon'. Last week we wrote the opening to the story describing the setting and introducing the main character, a baboon who lived on the moon. The children are aware that he is a miserable, lonely baboon because he misses home. 

Please help your child to write the middle of the story including story language e.g. One dark night.... One starry night.... Suddenly...

Describe in past tense (already happened) Baboon waking up and doing his morning routine and then going to work.

Remember the '-ed' spelling for past tense words e.g. brushed, beeped, poured, stomped.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) children will be finishing off retelling the story of Baboon on the moon. Please keep the child's writing and then they can bring it with them when they return to school. 



We are going to be learning about saving / spending money. When we might want to save money and when we might want to spend money. Please see the priced spending sheet and explain to the children they have a set amount of money each day, they can choose to spend the money or save it and work towards buying something more expensive. If you have coins at home, children could practise deciding what they will spend the money on and if they need to spend/save. If you do not have coins you could print the attached coins or draw coins on scraps of paper.  

Extra challenge - get your child to write a receipt of what they spend their money on and how much they have left. 

Please continue to help your child recognise and understand the value of coins. 



We resent out last week the children's log in information to Oxford Owl ebooks and the level they are working on so you are able to access books online at the correct level for your child.