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1. Watch: Session 1- representing and sorting 9 & 10


Extra challenge for this week if your child is confident with the activities:

Begin to learn from memory what makes 10. Can you remember which number pairs are added together to make ten? (1+9, 2+8 etc...) The song below is a fun way to help learn this.

What Makes Ten? - YouTube




If your child needs extra support in learning numbers to 10 please see the 'learning through play' activities for fun extra practise ideas. The games which show words for reading can also be adapted to number recognition.


The number song:


Counting can be practised at lots of opportunities throughout the day for example, counting toys, counting steps and counting jumps.


Numberblocks:  Choose any episode from series1 (all of these episodes are revision of what we have already learned). Choose from episodes: six, seven, eight, nine or ten.