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Today we will be learning about questions and question marks. What are questions? How is a question mark used?  We we be thinking about the question words - do, have, who, where, when, why, what and making up our own questions to ask each other. Then we can find the correct question words for the space in the worksheet below.


Today I would like you to think about your dark night safety leaflet. What questions could you ask to engage the reader? Can you use one of the question words from yesterday? Try writing questions like ' Do you know how to stay safe in the dark?' or 'How can we be safe and be seen in the dark?'

Remember to say your question out loud and sound out each word remembering finger spaces.


Today we will be planning our dark night safety leaflet. have a think about the questions you will ask, what conjunctions you will use and what key words you will use (reflective, visible, traffic, travel). Then jot down your ideas as a mind map (there is an example below)

Mind Map template

Thursday and Friday:

For the next 2 days we will be writing our Dark Night Safety leaflets. You can write a sentence about what to wear in the dark to be safe, a sentence about reflective stickers and torches and a sentences about how you can be safe on bikes.

Remember to use capital letter and full stops, phase 3 sounds, tricky words and finger spaces! I would also like you to try writing a question and using a conjunction like and so or because.