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In line with government changes, Mansbridge Primary policy abides by the rules set out in the SEN (Special Educational Needs) Code of Practice to support all children to achieve the best results and progress  they can based on their capability. Where a child is identified to have additional needs to maximise their potential, we will look at providing additional support through school resources and/or through outreach support.  All of this is carefully monitored by the class teacher and SENCo to enable children to meet targets.  Further support may also be accessed via the school's link educational psychologist who will also make recommendations as to whether an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHC) would further support the learning of the child.   To find out more about the additional support the school offers, click on the link at the bottom of this page.


At any opportunity, our school will collaborate with social workers, educational psychologists, charities (e.g. NSPCC, Buzz network, Simon Says, Winton’s Wish) or other experts in order to enable each child to flourish. Internally, our Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and support teachers are deployed in the classrooms where they are needed most. We also work with schools such as Vermont and Springwell to share best practice in the fields of special needs and behaviour and with our local Secondary schools so that the support does not end when a child transitions into year 7. Likewise, if your child starts at our school having previously attended another school, we will work with their previous school to ensure that they have a smooth transition to Mansbridge.


We are dedicated to upholding high standards of SEN support and do this through reviewing our SEN policy annually, upskilling our teachers in this area through regular staff training and by purchasing appropriate and high quality resources and materials to give every child the opportunity to achieve the best they can be. We place the children and their needs at the centre of everything that we do and as a result, our curriculum is constantly changing and adapting to the children in our care.


September 2021

The school SENCO is Mrs Becky Coe; contact via the school email

Governor statement on SEN provision

Qualification requirements for SENDCO


Paragraphs 6.85-6.86 (page 108) of the SEND Code of Practice and regulation 49 of the SEND Regulations 2014 specify the qualification and training requirements for SENDCOs.

The regulations say that the SENCDO must be:

  • A qualified teacher working at the school, or
  • The headteacher, or acting headteacher, of the school

The code of practice explains that where a newly appointed SENDCO has not previously been the SENDCO at that school, or any other relevant school, for a total period of more than 12 months, he or she must achieve the National Award for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Co-ordination within three years of appointment.

 Mrs Coe is currently studying for the  NASEN qualification– National Award for SEN.