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W/C 14.2.22


We will be learning other ways of writing the 'air' sound e.g. 

'are' like in the words stare, fare, share, flare. 

'ere' like in the words  there, where, premiere

'ear' like in the words  bear, pear, tear. 


We are learning another way of writing the 'ch' sound: 

'tch' like in the words stitch, satchel, latch



We will be continuing our dinosaur stories this week.



This week we will continue working with numbers to 50. 

We will be comparing amounts and numbers to 50. 

We will also be working on ordering numbers. 

Power Maths Textbook 1B, Pages: 88 - 99

Power Maths Practice Book 1B, Pages: 64 - 72


Please help your child to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to 50.