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Learning through play

Top tip: Follow your child's interests.

If your child loves dressing up, encourage them to tell their own story. Who will the characters be? If your child enjoys playing with cars, you could create parking spaces with tricky words/numbers/sounds in. Can you park the red car in the space which says 'my'? If child loves building things, you could compare the length or height of what they make. Talk, talk, talk. Repeat back expanding on their language. Ask them how or why questions. Encourage them to ask questions. If your child is interested in superheroes, why not play superhero smash - the superhero has to smash the word/number/sound you say. You could adapt playing outside with bikes or running games - let's race to the number 6.

If you would like any ideas on how to help your child learn through play don't hesitate to contact us on the class email.

Below are some ideas of how you can practise recognising sounds & numbers or reading words in a fun way.