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Week 6 (WB:08.02.21)


This week for science we are testing different materials and thinking about how they can change shape. This might be through squashing, bending, stretching or twisting. Use the PowerPoint below to find out how objects can change shape and then complete the investigation using the sheets provided. 

Please also complete the end of unit assessment for science and send it back to me on

Only complete the blue star work if you really struggled with the unit. 


Well done for finishing your collages last week. Now use the sheet below to help you reflect on the process of creating your collage. 


This week for geography we are thinking about how a banana gets onto our supermarket shelves. This is just one item of food that we import from around the work. Please watch the video below and then complete your own story map using the worksheets. 


This week we are thinking about loneliness and what it might look, sound and feel like. Please watch the video below and then complete the sheet about loneliness. If you ever think someone is lonely, try to help them by talking to them or listening to them. You can also make them laugh and let them join in with your games. 


There is no coding lesson this week however you can recap the design levels from lessons 1-5 if you wish.