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Week 5 (WB:29.03.21)

Guided Reading Task

Monday and Tuesday 

Today we are writing up the draft of our newspaper report. Please refer to your plan to help you do this. If you have not been in during the planning process, try to write your own newspaper to report an incident of your choice. Try to think about these skills: 

- Capital letters and full-stops

- Commas in a list 

- Suffix words (-ly, -ness, -ment, -ness, -ful and -ed) 

- Contractions (didn't, can't, isn't, he's, couldn't)

- Past tense 

- 3rd person perspective 

- Picture with a caption 

Thursday - Celebrate 

Please write up your newspaper report as a final piece. Do not forget to include the edited sections that you have improved. 

Friday - Start of the Easter Break

Have a lovely Easter Break!