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This week in handwriting we are practising the letters we have learned so far. Have a go at writing this large in the air, with chalk on the floor or on large pieces of paper. Have a go at writing the letters on your whiteboard trying your best to form them correctly. Have a go at writing some words with the letters in, check you are still remembering to form them correctly.

Below are some activities that will help build your child's finger strength

This week awe are introducing 5 ways to support our wellbeing:

Connect, Give, Take Interest, Physical Activity & Keep Learning.


Give: Do something kind for someone else e.g. help to tidy, smile at people, give your family a hug.

Take interest: Go on a nature walk, what can you hear, smell, feel?

Physical activity: Go on a daily walk, jog, run or dance for 10 minutes everyday.

Keep learning: Keep trying with the home learning.

Connect: Spend time talking and playing with family and friends at school. Have a go at making a support tree, writing people that you can go to on the branches. Be creative, some ideas are below.