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Year 5 - Leopards

Leopards Class Newsletter - Spring 1 - What we are learning this half term

Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

Our class book

Please click here to see some of what we will be covering in P.S.H.E this half term.

What we have been learning

In cricket we have been learning fielding skills.

Here we are painting our Greek pots. 

For our Geography fieldwork we are thinking about where would be the best place to put a solar panel. We are taking the temperature at different points of the day in different places to find the best place. 

In DT we are designing and building moving cars using circuits and pulleys. 

In History we are leaning about life on the home front during World War 2. 

Here we are looking at what might have been packed by an evacuee. 

Festival of Culture 2022

Sat Sri Akal! (hello)

In year 5 we were learning some aspects of Indian culture. We learned about the geography of India as well as the climate, linking in with our geography unit. We made a collage of the Indian flag and designed our own Henna designs. We also learned some Indian words in Hindi and Punjabi.

We We were even lucky enough to try some delicious Indian food and hear some music played to us.  

Here we are composing our own piece of rainforest music. They sounded amazing! 

In maths we played a game to see how quickly we could solve equivalent fractions. 

Spring Term

Look at us dissecting flowers to find the different parts

In science we have been learning about lifecycles. Here we are researching the different lifecycles of insects. 

In Geography we are learning about Earth and climate zones. 

In P.E we are learning all about teamwork. 

Autumn Term

In D.T we designed and made frame structures. 

We had some special visitors come and do some fantastic Peter Pan drama with us. 

In art we are learning a range of techniques to create a collage.

In science we are learning about the properties of materials.