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Learning through play

Watch: Ask anything- are jellyfish made of jelly?

Have a go at making your own jelly. Discuss the changes that happen when it melts and then sets. How would you describe the jelly?

Below are some fun ways you can learn at home.

-Try collecting the given number of items from your garden into your pot.

-Try writing words in spray foam / shaving gel.

-If you have twister at home, you could write words, sounds or numbers on the spots in whiteboard pen for your child to read as they land on them.

-Play sound splat. Write sounds on egg shells, or on paper with a squirt of spray foam below each sound. The child has to splat the sound you say. This can also be played with numbers and tricky words.

- Skittles: Play skittles but with the addition of tricky words/numbers/sounds. What word did you knock over? What word is still standing?