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Play Flashcards, Speed Trials, pick individual graphemes (up to oi).

Recap the 'ch' sound.

Read: Chin, chip, much

Write: chop.


Teach the 'ear' sound. How many times can you write ear in one minute, say the sound as you write it.

Practise spotting it in words and adding sound buttons. 'ear' is a trigraph (3 letters making one sound) so it has one long sound button 'ear'.

Read: ear, dear, fear, hear, gear, near, tear, year, rear, beard.


Read the sentences: Did the shark feel fear? Can a toad hear? Is the church near the park or the farmyard?



Play Tricky Word trucks, select all of the tricky words learned so far.

Recap 'sh'. Play Crater Creature Countdown with the 'sh' sound


Teach the 'air' sound. Have a go at rainbow writing the air sound. Keep going over it in different colours, saying the sound each time.

Practise spotting the 'air' sound in words and adding sound buttons. 'air' is a trigraph and has one long sound button 'air'.

Read: air, hair, pair, funfair, hear, fear, year.


Read the sentences: Do I need to cut his hair? Put that pair of socks on the chair. He went back to his lair



Practice all of the tricky words that we have already learnt by using the flash cards that you have at home. See how fast you can be at reading all of the words!


Today we are learning the tricky word 'all'. Read the word 'all' - it has three letters, a-l-l. Can you say the word 'all' in a quiet voice? A loud voice? A scary voice? A monster's voice? Look that the word each time you say it.


Have a go at reading these sentences which have the tricky word 'all' in them:


Do you see all the boats?

Can you pick all the flowers?

We all will sit on the mat.



Play flashcards, pick individual graphemes (up to air).

Recap the 'th' sound.

Read: this, that, with, thick, them.


Introduce 'ure'. It is a trigraph and has one long sound button. 'ure'

Practise reading: cure, pure, mature, secure, fair, hear, hair, tear.

Read: Can a vet cure a sad cow? Can teeth feel sharp?



Go over the sound 'ng'. Can you remember what the action is?

Play Crater Creature Countdown with 'ng' 

Today we are going over sounds that we are not yet confident on. Play Flashcards, Speed Trials and identify which sounds your child needs to practise. There are lots of games on phonics play to help your child practise reading and writing.