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This week we are revisiting the phase 3 phonics we have learned this term. Please go through the sounds and tricky words with your child to see which sounds/words they need to spend more time on to become confident. Please go through the sounds and tricky words daily. To practise sounds choose Flashcards Speed Trials, pick individual graphemes. To practise tricky words choose Tricky Word Trucks, pick individual tricky words.



Spend time identifying which sounds your child needs to practise. Choose 2 sounds that they need to practise and teach them the sound they make. Remember you can look at previous weeks teaching videos or log on to espresso and watch the teaching video clips:  Choose from Scrap's or Polly's videos. Remember the videos have words you could practise reading or writing with your child. Why not have a look below for some ideas of how you could add practising sounds into play.


Ideas of ways to learn tricky words or sounds through play


Go over the phase 3 sounds and tricky words learned.

Add sound buttons to the words in the captions. Get your sound mat out to help you spot the digraphs and trigraphs. Remember to look out for tricky words. Listen to your child read the caption, supporting as needed. Encourage your child to reread the caption to help them remember what it says.

Draw a picture to match the caption.


Today we are going to be looking at all the tricky words we have learnt so far! We have learnt so many! Remind your child of all these tricky words.

You could play 'Tricky Word Trucks' on Phonics Play with the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Tricky words we know.

You could also play a game with some paper or plastic cups if you have any. Write the tricky words that we know onto the cups, build a tower out of them and then roll a ball at the tower and knock them down! Which words did you knock over?



Remember to go over the learned phase 3 sounds and identify if there are any your child needs to practise. There are lots of play ideas above to help your child practise their sounds and don't forget to look on Phonics Play as there are lots of games on there to help practise reading and writing words with the sound you choose.

Look at the woodland scene, what can you see? Break the things you can see down into their sounds e.g. b-a-t, f-o-x, ow-l, b-ee, w-e-b.


Practise writing simple sentences:

I can see a fox.

I can see a bat.

Write a sentence of your own.



Practise writing words for things you can see in the picture using your sounds e.g. bat, bee, owl, rat, fox, web, moth.



Play flashcards, Speed Trials, select individual graphemes (choose all of the phase 3 sounds learned so far up to oi).

Go over the sound w. Can you remember the sound and action? (Remind - please look back at previous teaching videos if needed).

Add sound buttons and read: web, wax, wet, win, will.


Explain today they are going to be looking at the woodland scene again from yesterday and have a go at writing some sentences independently. Model writing the sentence: I can see an owl. Say the sentence lots of times, counting out each word on your fingers. Get your sound mat ready and then show the child how you would write the sentence, using a finger space each time you move onto a new word.


Discuss with your child what they can see in the picture and what sentence they are going to write about the picture. Please encourage them to be as independent as possible when having a go at writing. Remember to send any work in so we can see how he/she is getting on .



Please encourage your child to write words for what they can see in the pictures. Practise finding sounds on the sound mat and then have a go at sound talking the word they are going to write before they start writing e.g. fox = f-o-x.