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Year R - Elephants

The Garden

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Have a wonderful Easter!

February 2023

Friday 3rd February 


New sounds: ee igh  oa 


feet  might  goat 


He had jam on his toast. 

She was in pain. 

I can see a goat and sheep.  


Friday 27th January 


New sounds: 


ng   nk    ai 


ping pong song sang thing think wink pink sink rain pain wait train


Tricky word:  was  


It was a pain to sit in the rain. We had to wait. 


We had a visit from City Mission this week. We have loved learning about George the giant and how acts of kindness make people feel. We have been busy writing letters to George to say thank you for being so kind. We have also been learning about how heavy and light objects are. Please help at home to sit out new sounds nk and ai on the line. We must remember to go "around the head and down the body" when forming our letter a. 

Friday 20th January 


This week our new sounds are: 


qu  ch  sh   th 


quit  chat  shop  moth  that  


Tricky words to practise:  push  be    

Friday 13th January 


New sounds: 


x y z zz 


box     yell    zap    buzz 


New tricky words: 


we   me   he    his 



Friday 6th January 


This week our sounds are: 


v j w 


van    jam    win   



New tricky words: 


he she buses 


The ten red buses. 

She had a red wig. 

Friday 2nd December 


We provide the Nativity costumes.

Please buy your tickets to see the Year R children in the Nativity scene along with the rest of the school. 


These are the rhymes we have been using to help form our number: 

4 - Down and over and down once more, that's the way we make a 4. 

5 - Go down and around then make a stop, finish with a line on top. 


Please practise these tricky words: 


I  go  no  to  put   into   is   his   of   pull   we 


We now know all phase 2 sounds: 


s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r ss h b f ff l ll 


We can now read: 


sell  bell lot  fat  fan   run   dug  bug 


Go back to bed.


Friday 25th November 


Please practise these tricky words and sounds: 




h  ss     


Please practise reading these words:  


hop   run    mess   hit    kick 


Pull the rug. 


Friday 18th November 


Thank you to everyone who came to the Phonics morning. We hope it was helpful! 


This week we have been learning about these sounds: 


e   u    r     


Please practise reading these words: 


red     rug    pen   nut    neck     sock   sun    rat 


Please practise tricky words:   to    go   into   is 


Can your child read: 


Go into the tent. 


Some parents asked about the letter formation and the phrase that went with it. This week we looked at the following: 


e - around the head and down the trunk 




Friday 18th November 2022

Friday 11th November 


Another fantastic week in the Elephant class. We can now read these sounds and Tricky words. 


s a t p i n m n d o g c k 


We can read these words: 


cap    kit     dig 


The dog can dig. 


We have been learning 1 more, 1 less with the numbers 1,2,3. We have been enjoying our topic of celebrations and in Shine Time we planned to Christen the babies from role play. 

Week 1 Autumn 2 - Fireworks

Friday 4th November 



Sounds and letter formation – please practise these at home. Your child needs to know the sound of each letter as well as how to write them. They need to be forming these letters correctly. This information will be explained in detail at the phonics morning on Friday 18th November.

These are the sounds and tricky words we have learnt so far:

s a t p i n m n d g

Tricky words they need to be able to read without sounding out:

I     the    no    put

Friday 21st October 


Can you practise these sounds at home: 


s   a   t   p  i  


Can your child read these words: 


sat      pat       tap     tip       



Friday 21st October

Friday 7th October 


Another fantastic week in the Elephant class, where they have been practising sound talking words, listening for sounds at the start of words and their names. The Elephant class have been labelling and name writing. We have been on an Autumn walk and collected different leaves and looked at the colours. Your child will have their first reading book and library book today  (as discussed in the information morning) It is really important they stay in book bags. Both their reading book and library book will always be changed on a Friday


Friday 30th September


Thank you to those, who were able to make the information morning. Next week the children will be bringing home their first reading book and reading record, we will be having our first PE lesson in the hall as well as visiting the library. You can ask your Elephant about assembly on a Monday and who won the most amount of Dojo's each day (these are interactive stickers, which will be introduced next week). We will continue to look at the Owl babies, the colour monster as well as finding more rhyming pairs. We are learning to sort in groups in Numeracy plus so much more. The Elephants are having lots of fun, listening well and we are very proud of them. 

Monday 26th September 


This week we are reading the story "Owl babies", we are thinking about different emotions including anger and what to do when you feel sad and angry. We are enjoying shine time and discovering new areas and activities every day. We are learning about pencil grip and rhyme in phonics. Please remember to come along on Friday for a catch up meeting with Miss Stringer. 

Shine time fun in our first week, where we stayed all day!

Tuesday 20th September


This week, your child will bring home a letter with some key vocabulary, which we will be using this half term. 



Friday 16th September 2022 


This week the Elephant class have been learning to listen, make friends and remember the classroom rules. We have been learning a goodbye song and describing sounds around us. We are remembering our morning routine, which includes putting water bottles on the sink, finding our peg, putting our bookbags away and choosing our lunch. Can you child recognise their name? Can you please this at home to encourage them to be independent. 


Do they remember where they sit on the carpet? Ask them to describe their animal carpet place. 



First week at school - September 2022

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