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Year 2 - Zebras

Reading Afternoon

Year 2 will be having a fun packed afternoon reading books and doing fun activities on Tuesday the 20th of October. 

We will not be having face paints this year but we will upload photos for you to see all the fun they get up to. 


Days for bringing in homework books:

Please make sure your child brings in the right book on these days. This is so we can stick in new spellings or write down the scores from their tests. 


Monday: Spellings

Wednesday: Library book

Friday: Times tables and Reading Record (Try to read 3 times) 


Home Learning Tasks

If you are isolating or need to stay at home because you are ill, please use the following tab to access relevant work:  

What we've been up to...

(Week beginning 19.10.20)


Reading Afternoon

we had so much fun on our alien themed afternoon. We made our very own reading guide and also an alien themed head band. We also did a bit of colouring by spotting split diagraphs and colouring each section a specific colour. We read a range of alien themed books and completed our very own book review. The teachers dressed up and had massive underpants on! It was such a fun afternoon. 


This week we also tried out a team building game to improve our team work skills. We had to use our listening skills and worked together to get to the other side without falling into the 'river'. We did really well and even rescued a bean bag along the way. 



For literacy, we finished our historical guide of Southampton and made sure we used a range of adjectives to make our writing more interesting. We also remembered to include a question and exclamation to try and persuade others to read our guide and come to see Southampton. 


Week beginning 12.10.20

This week we have been making foxy leaf faces during golden time. First we glued two leaves together and made sure it looked like a fox face. We then painted on the eyes and cheeks with black and white paint. Don't they look amazing? 


In PE we have been learning different skills needed for rounders. We practised bowling, batting and making runs around cones to score. We had lots of fun and will be playing full games next week. 


On the 15th of October it was National Hand Washing Day, On this day we learnt how and when to wash our hands, we also tried the pepper germ experiment where our clean finger pushed away the 'germs' in water. 

Week beginning 05.10.20

This week in literacy we finished our invites. We peer assessed each other work and gave each other a next step. We also made our invites super colourful and tried our best with our planning, drafting, editing and celebrate!



We also tested our different pencils in art and thought about the different techniques we can use with them. For example, stippling, dashes, contour lines, vertical lines and shading. We then used these new techniques to make a self-portrait. We looked really carefully at our face using a mirror. 


In science we thought about different food types and categorised food into the correct groups. We then made our own healthy meal plan that included all the food types. We also talked about the importance of exercise alongside a healthy diet. 



Week beginning 28.09.20


In numeracy we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also been practising our times tables and drawing groups to help us. We had our second times tables test today and most of us managed to finish in under 5 minutes. Some children also got their 2 times table badge for learning to multiply and divide by 2.


In chinese we talked about the Mid-Autumn Festival and learnt about the things they do at this time like eating mooncakes, hanging lanterns and watching the moon. We designed our own moon cake pictures and learnt to say a few festive words in mandarin.


In geography we looked at the physical and human features in different continents. We thought about how some features can be seen all around the world but other features can only be found in certain parts of the world. We drew physical features and thought really carefully about what we can see in Europe. 




In PSHE we talked about good and bad choices and how this might impact on our feelings. We sorted choices we make on a daily basis and talked about how these make us safe + happy/ unhappy and unsafe. 



Week beginning 21.09.20


This week in literacy we have been making our leaflets about Southampton. We used persuasive language and a range of conjunctions to make our writing more adventurous. We checked our work using a word mat and improved it with our green pen.


In geography we looked at the oceans around the world and thought about the countries that border each ocean by using the atlases and the globes. We described what an ocean is and how it is different to a pond and a river. We also talked about the different animals that might live in the sea and how this might be different depending on how warm or cold the water is.



In science we pretended to be stuck on a deserted island. We wrote a message and put it in a bottle to ask for things that humans and animals might need in order to survive. We then made a mind map of our ideas and compared the similarities and differences for our needs.










We will be doing P.E on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thank you for remembering to bring in warm layers for the colder months. Please also try to bring in a pair of trainers for outdoor P.E and a pair of plimsolls for indoor P.E. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.


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