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Click here for Tuesday 19th July


Have a go at some of the questions on these documents to help you practise...

Don't worry if your child does not complete all of the questions on the attached documents these are just some suggested questions to help them practise the main learning of recognising notes and practising counting coins. 



Please finish writing the rest of the story for 'Baboon on the Moon'. Re-watch the video and go over the key events. So far the children should have written up to Baboon going to work. Now the children need to explain what Baboon did at work and then once he had lit up the moon he then played sad music. Encourage the children to explain why he played sad music using 'because'. Please encourage your child to use an '-est' word e.g. he is the loneliest baboon/ saddest. Please remind them it should be in past tense (already happened). 


Please can children keep the story they have written and bring it to school with them on Wednesday. 





We resent out last week the children's log in information to Oxford Owl ebooks and the level they are working on so you are able to access books online at the correct level for your child. 





Please help your child to practise joining the letters 'wh'. They can practise joining these letters and then have a go at writing the letters 'wh' joined in the words - white, whale, whizz. (Please note the other letters in the words should not be joined as we have not taught the joins for them yet)



Please click on the link below. Explore making pictograms with your child. Once you have created one discuss it with your child e.g. what animal is there more of? How do you know? What does the pictogram show us?