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Can you remember the sound we learned yesterday?

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Have a go at the action for today's sound

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Have a go at playing Dragon's Den to spot 'oi' in words

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If your child has been able to spot the 'oi' sound in words why don't you have a go at reading a sentence. You don't have to read the sentences now, you could come back to them later in the day and see if your child can still remember the 'oi' sound and spot it in the sentences.


4. Reading sentences

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* Ideas of how to further support your child with learning the sound of the day:

  • Find things around the house or in pictures that have the given sound in them. Have a go at labelling on post-it notes or scraps of paper the sound.  For example - find a sock and try labelling with the sounds you can hear in the word. Don't worry if your child doesn't get all of the sounds, focus on praising them for having a go and the sounds they do hear. We want to make writing a positive experience and build their confidence.
  • Rainbow writing – Adult to write the letter/s on a piece of paper. Using a coloured pencil child to trace over the top of the letter saying the sound it makes as they do. Child to then choose another colour and repeat.
  • Looking for the sounds in books, leaflets, signs, around the house. Can the child spot the sound of the day? What sound does it make?
  • Matching objects to the initial sound. Write the sound and find objects or pictures starting with that sound. Can the child match the objects correctly to the sound they start with.
  • Can you find any household objects that have the sound of the day in, e.g. for the 'th' sound you might find a bath or a toothbrush.
  • Don't forget to look at 'learning through play' for lots of fun ideas and games to help learn today's sound.

If your child has struggled there are more words below with the 'oi' sound in to help them practise spotting 'oi'