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w/c 09/11/20

This week we are going to be planning, drafting, editing and celebrating our fireworks descriptions.

Today we will begin by planning them. Use the planning sheet below to pick out the most exciting describing words - these can be verbs or adjectives  - and spell them out using the phase 3 sounds.

Tuesday - Today we are going to write our first draft. Look at the words you planned yesterday and practise putting them into a spoken sentence. make sure it makes really good sense. Next, make sure you know the sentence really well and begin to sound out each word and spell it using the sounds you have learnt - think especially about the digraphs and 2 syllable words.

Don't forget about finger spaces and capital letters and full stops.

if you can print at home, there are 2 versions to write on - one jut focusses on sounding out words.


Today we are going to be editing our descriptions. Our focus will be pointing to each word we have written and sounding it out to read back to ourselves. That way we can see if we need to improve the spelling of any word. At school we will use a green pen to improve the spelling by writing the new spelling in our books. 

After this we will be looking at where we could improve our handwriting. Are there any letters that are floating in the air? Or any letters that need to be formed correctly? If there are, you can practise these.


Today we will be celebrating our writing!

We will be copying up our edited draft - complete with all improvements - in our best handwriting! Try really hard to make this your best writing and carefully copy up what you have written. You could even illustrate your description.  I look forward to seeing your final piece of writing!