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Play Flashcards, Speed Trials, pick individual graphemes (up to oi). Take note of the sounds which your child needs to practise. Remember there are lots of fun games and ways to practise sounds, have a look through the previous learning through play pages.

Go over the sound 'x'. Can you child remember the sound and action?

Read: fox.    Write: mix.


Look at the sea scene below:


What can you see?

Play a game of I spy, write the words below for your child to read. Can they add sound buttons, read the word and then find it in the picture? As you write the words for the child to read, model sounding out as you write e.g. f-i-n.












What else can they see? Can they now have a go at writing something they can see and the adult has to read their writing and then find the item in the picture.



Play the game above but instead of your child reading the words, sound talk the words e.g. f-i-n and get your child to push the sounds together to say the whole word.

Next remind your child of the 'sh' sound and then play the game above with your child reading the words:





Help your child to add sound buttons to read the words if needed.





Play Flashcards, Speed Trials, pick individual graphemes (up to oi)

Go over the sound y. Ask your child what the sound is and the action for the sound. Play Crater Creature Countdown, +y


Explain they are going to be writing their own sea book. Model thinking of and writing a sentence or phrase for each page e.g. the shark is big. The boot is lost.  Model saying the sentence before writing and using finger spaces.

Discuss with your child what they are going to write in their book. Support your child to use their sounds mat to help them.

Get your child to read back their writing, have they used their sounds.

We look forward to seeing the sea books.



Practise sound talking items can see in the picture. Have a go at labelling some of the items in the picture. Encourage your child to have a go, praise them for the sounds they do include then model how to write the word.



1. Play 'Tricky Word trucks' on the Phonics Play website to practice all the tricky words that we have already learnt.

2. Today we are learning the tricky word 'they'. Say the word to your child and then ask them to repeat it back to you. Choose a book or a magazine that you have at home and see how many times you can find the word 'they' in it.

3. Play this game of 'Race the tricky word'. You will need counters and a dice. Roll the dice and move along the tricky words the right amount of spaces. You must read the tricky word that you land on! Who will be the first to the finish?
4. Encourage your child to read these sentences, blending the words with the sounds that they know and reading the tricky words that we have learnt.



Play Flashcards, Speed Trials, Pick individual graphemes (up to oi)

Recap the 'z' and 'zz' remind the child you normally find the digraph zz at the end of words.

Read: zip, zoo, zoom, fizz.

Write: buzz, zap


Help your child to add sound buttons and read and match the phrase or word to the picture. Take note of any sounds they are struggling with.






Play flashcards, pick individual graphemes (up to oi) :


Go over the 'qu' sound.

Read: queen, quick.

Write: quack.


Play Crater Creature Countdown + qu:


Write instructions for your child to read and then follow. Ask you child to do each action 20 times or for 20 seconds:




star jump