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Mansbridge Primary School

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Stars and Readers of the Week

Each week a child from each class is given a Star of the Week certificate for following the Mansbridge Code

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready to Learn


Each class also have a Reader of Week, this goes to someone that has shown an improvement in their reading or in the amount of reading they are doing

Class Star of the Week Reader of the Week
Elephants Ariana Glasspool Henry Brooks
Giraffes Tejveer Singh Charlie Pearce

Alanna Hannigan

Tia Smith
Zebras 2 Evie Rawlings Teegan McGailey
Meerkats Reggie- Zakarai Devereux Mason Brooks
Lions Naomi Afum Whit Ross
Leopards Erin Jacobs Alex Cruickshank
Antelopes Carys Beard John Hart